Precision Optical Imaging is an industry leader in custom solutions for your imaged component needs. Whatever your specific requirement, our engineering staff will help you develop a solution.

Your Special requirements for transmission, reflection and feature size control can all be accomplished in a prompt and cost efficient manner. Our imaging services can be applied to virtually any glass type, from IR applications to the UV.

Photographic or Lithographic, we will provide you with the solution you seek. Remember, advice is free!

Available Custom Services

Glass machining of diameters as small as .5 mm. Image to edge registration tolerances as small as .01mm.

Photographic transmissive or reflective imaging services. Microdensitometric Scans, feature sizes as small as .01mm and as large as 2 meters. Calibrated reflection standards.

Custom lithographic services are available in ITO, Chrome, Chrome Oxide, Iron Oxide, Gold or Aluminum: Feature sizes as small as .001mm, or as large as 24" x 24".

A wide array of off the shelf substrates for your specific application. BK-7, B270, Fused Silica, Quartz and Filter Glasses are available with chrome for quick turns.

Pattern generation as small as .001mm and as large as 24" x 24".

Step and repeat registration for arrayed images better than .001mm.

Calibration Services for secondary certification of standards. N.I.S.T. traceability for reflection or transmission. Calibration of feature size or stepped distances. ISO compliant.

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